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rockin' hell


Tonight I cross the hells gates    

Exited, the devil waits                

I hear the hellhounds barking     

Ready to feast my coming         


Evil demons and strippers          

Highwaymen and streetwalkers   

Reserving my place next to Lucifer 


My dirty soul on fire          

Live wire and risk taker      

I'm living my best party ever  


ROCKIN' HELL                     


Rainbow wigs on the Dark Knights   

Cerberus giving some bites                

I hear the seven trumpets                    

Rocking hell beyond limits                 


Walking through the city

With my Rock band, my guitar and my Whiskey

We're hot, we're ready to roll 

Come on devil, take our souls


Lock up your daughters daddy, we are rock'n'roll stars

We've got thunder in our electric guitars

We rock, we're out of control

When the music starts we're wild animals


Hot sexy girls, hells fever, rockers army

Let's go for Rock'n'Roll, baby


Hard rock hard life hard night


 Brassieres  land on the scene

The music is roaring like a war machine

A tits crowd looks into my eyes

Under lighters  shining like fireflies


Come on booze brothers, we're the rock'n'rollers nation

We lid the power of amplification

We're back,  we will blow your ears

Tonight it's a great time to raise your beers


Hot sexy girls, hells fever, rockers army

Let's go for Rock'n'Roll, baby


If you're hungry

On a dark road, alone

I kwow the place

Where rockers feel at home


Big Mary loves

When boys come in her house

She's the pussy

And you're the little mouse


She doesn't care

If you ugly or poor

If you're a man

You can ring at the door


Big Mary knows

How to do with a boy

Give her a beer

And you will be her toy


You''ll be the toy of


Big Mary


She's got the skill

To wake up a dead man

She's an expert

That's why i'm back in town


Ready to go

For a crazy cuddle

She's hungry too

Like a wild animal


Today it's my comeback

I return to my best friends' shack

I am out of jail

Thanks to a bail

We are again

Like  tribesmen

Together in the name of rock'n'roll

James, Franck, Beth, and me

Come on !


James is the older of the band

He is tatooed like a deckhand

True smoker

True boozer

True sinner

True drummer

Nights made of dirty stories,

With sexy chicks with big boobies


Limbs of Rock'N'Roll



Franck is a young gangster

He is known as a bad burglar

Five feet

Hundred pounds



He is the best guitarman ever

Who can play with his stinger


Beth has big tits like cannonballs

Blockin the vision of eyeballs

So chunky

So dippy

So hussy

So sultry

Playing with men like she plays her bass

Hypnotic with her crazy ass


Trevor, tonight

Walks to the pub "Dynamite"

Exited, so frentic,

His goal is to find a chick

Despite the fact

That he buys girls drinks to distract

This is a total washout

So he decides to go out


Almost broke

Roaming to the strumpets

He must choose

The Ugliest


Bertha Rottenfold

Tatooed, flabby

Appears her improbable body

Some flies, trapped in her rags

Can finally escape  this fleabag

Trevor, tipsy

Doesn't see this ugly reality

But suddenly ,in action

He realizes the situation



Escaping from this bearded

He won crabs  during his ballad with

Bertha Rottenfold

Crazy Night

No Respite

Diabolic streetwalker

Traumatising partner

Bertha Rottenfold baby!


In a nocturnal maze

Of empty streets

Braving the grey haze

Looking for some chicks


A red car stops behind me

I smell the perfume of sin

Escaping from the strange lady

Making me a naughty grin


She wants me  as passenger

I want  her to be my driver

Let's go baby, i'm hot, to the depravity road


Hot Driver

You makes me crazy Baby

I'm ready to ride

The motor is warming up

Releasing a purple steam

She has legs of pin up

Lighted  by a moonbeam

She firmly grabs the gear lever

Trust me she can handle it

She is not exactly babbler

But i can feel her sweetmeat


She wants me  as passenger

I want  her to be my driver

Let's go baby, i'm hot ,to the depravity road


Good morning son of conformity

I'm the black sheep of your big family

Hey man, i know you                                              

You're judging me

'Cause i'm not like you


I don't care if you don't like me

You dont' know the taste of my liberty

Don't tell me what to do

I've no money

But i'm richer than you


I do what I want

So do you


Rock your life

Be wild

Be free

Be hard

Whisky's my holy water

My life story would make a best seller

Hard Rock in my veins

Rolling faster

Than a crazy train


You play guitar                           

On the sidewalk                        

You're ready to rock                  


You take a beer                          

To be braver                             

To scare the fear                       

Of waiting for her                    


But you don't know her secret    

Her panties hide a packet          


She hides a big packet


She is coming                 

Your heart is hot           

She is gleaming     

Believe it or not             


She looks at you           

Hypnotic stare               

She kisses you               

But her chin has hair     


'Cause you don't know her secret   

Her panties hide a packet               


Here we are, we have found it

True victory

Hurry up we deserve it

We're so horny


Drop the anchor, we can stop the machine

Four years sailing

We have no time for salutations

Let's do the thing


Good morning pretty ladies,

We're here for you

Good morning pretty ladies

Let's go


Dirty Girls' Island


We've been alone for too long

Searching for it

Braving the dark seas' dangers

But it worth it


Good place to be for the pretty virgins

Blond hair, blue eyes

Only beauties as new companions

That's paradise


Like a mad dog

Roaming through the fog

My head full of swirls

I'm coming, girls


Ordinary night

A distant gunfight

Release the boomshells

Hotter than hell


Strings, boobs, asses

Throwing of panties 

Seductive devils

Dirty angels


Here is my temple

Here is my jungle

Come on let's go for the show

I am ready now


Here to bite

Through the night

Start the fight

Girls gone wild


Dancing hotties

Buttocks and hussies

Vodkas and   whiskey

All is okay


Fever is rising

I become the King

Show me all you got

I'll give you a lot


Come on girls, board my hot train,

Again and again


SHE's on her period


I don’t know where she came from

I didn’t know her name

Everyone called her Grandmom

So, I did the same

She wanted to be mine

I wanted to cross the red line

I said

Don’t be shy, come on baby

I don’t care if you’ re ugly


She put her dentures

In a glass of water

And she said

One two three !

And she gave me


The best blowjob in History

One two one two three

The best blowjob in History

She gave she gave me

The best blowjob in History


Ow Grandmom you turn me on

You are my goddess

I love your gums so much

So much softness!

Please don’t stop, carry on

In my dreams you make me come

You know

You’re the best, you’re the top

Once you start you never stop


I know a guy

He’s a good friend of mine

He’s a true legend

He runs a magazine

Listening to bands

Every time everywhere

No time to wash up

So he smells like a bear

And that’s why I’m complaining

Please please !

Take a bath !

Mister Moo !


Don’t be afraid

There is no poison gas

Just Mister Moo

And some air from his ass

Have you ever smelled

When he takes off his shoes ?

It smells like Hell

It’s a nasal abuse !


I'm a traveller

I've seen a lot of things

Driving on curvy roads

Walking down the streets

Wetlands, quicksands

Deep caves

Narrow lanes, canyons

Bushy mazes


But you're my favourite landscape baby

Since I've discovered your


High Mountains

I want to climb up your

High Mountains

To plant my flag on you


I've seen so many moons

Even their dark sides

I've swallowed so much water

Fighting raging tides

I'm a traveller but

I've never been this far

Restricted Area

I'm your crowbar


We're dynamite

We've got a mission

Ready to fight

Like a bastard legion

A loaded gun

A starving pack

Here comes the fun

It's time to attack

Are you ready ?

Release the beast !

Come on, buddy

Raise your fist !



Biting and barking


Eating your soul


A third world war

Don't try to resist

Rabid guitars

For rabid guitarists

Can you feel the bite ?

Your burning soul ?

One way

That's the Rock'N'Roll


She's so lovely
My little baby
But today her kindness
Turns into madness

She's a witch
A crazy bitch
Run, you fools
Run away run away

She's on her period

My little lover
Turns into monster
Bye Doctor Jeckyll
Mister Hyde is here


Maybe you were afraid of my naughty stare
But you finally loved me, I didn't care
I was so happy when you were on your knees
Or when your back was laid bare in front of me

But you decided to leave me for an animal

Get out you're out get out
With your bigfoot
Get out you're out get out

I just wasn't hairy enough for you
Sorry babe, I'm not a beast from the zoo

When you said you loved me it was a lie
I was too human to be your perfect guy


You don't have to be shy my dear

We are all friends here, have no fear

You know you can  make me happy

So lift up your tee-shirt baby


Make me crazy

Don't be selfish baby

Share your secrets

If you love me


Show your boobies

Show me your boobs


I don't care if they look tiny

Too long, too big, don't you worry

I know I'll love them as they are

Even if you're a big fat guy


Oh please please baby please

I know they will be perfect

I need them to keep on rockin'

To carry on


It was made for a dagger

But my weapon was bigger

My sword in the wrong scabbard

Stuck in you like Excalibur


It was too dark

I was too fast

But I managed to pull

My big blade out of your rock


King Arthur

Call me King Arthur


I know, I know, I blew it

Your narrow gap was too deep

Exploration on the round table

My sword back to the anvil


I know your reputation

You ride it right

You're a true horsewoman

I love your appetite

So break the chains

And take the reins

I'm your crazy stallion

Make me neigh all night long


Ride the Rockin' Horse


Make me trot make me gallop

Take the horsewhip

Let's start the rodeo

I'm ready to rush all night long


Welcome to the racecourse

To the starting blocks

I'm your cock-horse

And I'll eat your bush babe

Make me trot and gallop

All night long

Lyrics 3
©Overdrivers - ROCKOUT cover.jpg

rock out !


I fell in love with her

With this tiny monster

I didn't see the trap

She was a Heartbreaker

She broke my heart to pieces

She burned my soul to ashes

I drowned in my own tears

Why have you been so cruel to me

I won't be silent, I won't be silent anymore (anymore)

Don't be shy, confess it

You cheated on me

My world became so dark

With you knife in my back

Feeling the open wound

The indelible mark

No taste, no joy, no feelings

Only pain and sufferings

But now it's time to pay

Baby I have something to say

You cheated on me (x8)

She cheated on me

With my buddy

She cheated on me

With my daddy

She cheated on me

With everybody

She cheated on me

With you maybe


You know me, I'm the king in the town

I'm the king when the sun goes down

I'm a rocker, but I'm not a rockstar

And I need money for my brand new guitar


That's why this morning I'm back to work again

Like every single morning, again and again



Gimme my money


Give it to me


Oh gimme my money


I don't want to see you anymore


I cant live like a slave forever

I'm a free man, and this game is over

Wasting time, too much time everyday

Work is Hell, nothing more to say


That's why this evening I'm feeling good again

I'm back to my rockin' world again and again


Factory worker, everyday

I'm rocker, I just want to play

Factory worker, everyday

Only waiting for my payday


Someone said let there be guitar

Are you ready for the shock

It's a long way, take your car

On the highway to Rock

If you're about to Rock


You are forever Young


If you want rhythm you've got it

Rock ain't a bad place for your cock

You've got big balls, and you know it

When you're hard as a rock

If you're about to Rock


You are forever Young

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